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The Offsite

Morale in the Advanced Projects Group, a division of Adirondack Systems Solutions, Inc., is at an all-time low. The solution? Send the division's employees, Kyan, Lucy, Tif and Theo, to a Resource Maximizers team-building offsite. Through a series of increasingly bizarre exercises, led by a team-building expert and observed via web-cam by their manager, these four employees will have to learn how to work together as a more effective team.

And if they don't, they'll be fired.

At least, that's the plan. But it's not long before the truth about Resource Maximizers comes out: their manager is sleeping with the workshop leader, and the workshop is rigged. And then it's a race against the clock to discredit the workshop before the offsite ends.

The Offsite was workshopped in the Foothill College playwriting class, and received a staged reading at City Lights Theatre in San Jose in August, 2007.

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